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Yes. YES. XD

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Hearts + Mua Ji & Tai Yang Bing

Super shag nowadays. No time for myself:( Aiya but its my choice

Played Hearts with Mich Esther and Siong that day, wa, bet too serious le. Feel bad for mich...

And everyone's going overseas, 90% going taiwan haiz. Mua ji and tai yang bing.

9:30 AM


2nd day of trng for giftwrap. Just sit there, for 8 hours. And wrap and wrap and wrap. Eyes gong gong and hands peeling. And the amount of paper we waste.

Made new friends. Speed test tomorrow. Too sensitive to that S word.

I'm getting better^^


Hearing lots of stories from ex-staff, hope I won't get any 怪咖...

11:02 PM

David Thorne:

I once read about five monkeys that were placed in a room with a banana at the top of a set of stairs. As one monkey attempted to climb the stairs, all of the monkeys were sprayed with jets of cold water. A second monkey made an attempt and again the monkeys were sprayed. No more monkeys attempted to climb the stairs. One of the monkeys was then removed from the room and replaced with a new monkey. New monkey saw the banana and started to climb the stairs but to its surprise, it was attacked by the other monkeys. Another of the original monkeys was replaced and the newcomer was also attacked when he attempted to climb the stairs. The previous newcomer took part in the punishment with enthusiasm. Replacing a third original monkey with a new one, it headed for the stairs and was attacked as well. Half of the monkeys that attacked him had no idea why. After replacing the fourth and fifth original monkeys, none had ever been sprayed with cold water but all stayed the fuck away from the stairs.
Being here longer than me doesn't automatically make your adherence to a rule, or the rule itself, right. It makes you the fifth replacement monkey. The one with the weird red arse and the first to point and screech when anyone approaches the stairs. I would be the sixth monkey, at home in bed trying to come up with a viable excuse not to spend another fruitless day locked in a room with five neurotic monkeys.


9:51 AM

21 Jumpstreet

Watched alot of movies these past few days yayyy. Warhorse is really good

gonna watch shawshank redemption soon, always wanted to watch that. and a beautiful mind. and thebucket list. and the soloist. and the help. and the blindside. Forest Grump. The Pianoist. The war you dont see. Great debaters. Fame. Footloose. Happyfeet 2. The Eagle. The descandents. Our Idiot Brother. Dolphin Tale. 50-50. son of no one. Extremely loud and incredibly close. The grey. the chronicle. Lorax. the raven. Snow white and the huntsmen. Fighting. Castaway. A Guide to recognizing your saints. Stop loss.Son. We bought a zoo. Gridiron Gang. Hotel Rwanda. Courageous. The Secret Garden. Aurore. Le Petit Nicholas. Rent:broadway. Africa United. Detachment. Run Fatboy Run.

and theres shows to watch again: Les choristes. I am Sam.

really wanted to watch 21jumpstreet...... but its m18T.T was looking forward to it all ass wk haiz. but now looking forward to Our Idiot Brother:))) Seems really heartwarming haha. Db tmr!! quite exciting... so long nvr take 985 le lol. will reach my aim one step at a time:)

Flowers of war was good. Battleship too, uphold tradition of ah outing:) have no idea managed to slp the first time. Unknown not bad. finally got to watch Sunny. Contraband was good. The Resident was creepy. Avengers was funny.

7:08 PM


The time has come to prove ourselves.
We can do it jyjy.

I miss alyssa&suipingX(

It'll be for them too:)

Heart & soul goes the distance

9:31 PM

Boarding pls lower ur fees

AH Shoes are awesome:) but ran into ms lee at the lift and now cannot act gong if she catches in the future le haiz. The shoe is white-based what. Aiya.

Boarding ended:(((( I would really want to be lib, but fees so high now haiz. Really really miss boarding alrdy. Used to talk everynight more or less, and so much opportunities. Though the ikebana class was cancelled haiz. Formal dinner was the best out of all 4 yrs i feel. Open dance floor and song dedication:) Sat with bush wyu chard kang min weijin jingfu jingyi ms yeoh and mr chew. A pity nush's song dedicatin din get through though, and some disgusting photo-crashers but other than that it was great:)) especially the light out and dim light in the centre for dance floor part. Was shouting into each other's ears but still couldnt hear each other:)) The the waffle icecream afterwards was awesome too: Rita peanut butter, strawberry cheesecake and strawberry smth though it ws purple. The whip cream soooo thick but was great that way:)

& thx so much to all the ppl who went through the effort to celebrate my bdae, thx thx:)

and am still amazed at jothinee clothes buying skills. She the master.

10:22 PM

Fat Cat

Really really miss AH class. La used to be damn fun, smth to look forward to but now haiz. Maybe it'll be better when daryl comes back. And helped huilin tie water bombs for showdown yay but ogls all so poor thing.

And kexuan guitar really damn gd, so cute:)

AH shoes AH shoes AH shoes. Haggle Haggle Haggle.

Nd to find time to pass Rach present.
And get Denes present:)

从来没有 一句的怨言 你丢多少它都洗
脱水总是 全心又全力 直到颤抖了身体
多少年了 旋转又旋转 时间一眨眼过去
上了年纪 却依然尽力 孤独勇敢洗衣机

突然有天 好想要帮忙 衣服放进洗衣机
才发现了 它早就坏了 只是舍不得换新
奇怪是谁 一直清洗着 我闯的祸和污泥
好久以来 原来我衣服 全部都是妈妈洗

10:18 PM


Fat cat's Is Being Pretty Everything is nice.


Too little time to do things I want to do.

Family watching xiao hai bu huai this mon while I\m in boarding.
Anyone wants to watch it?
Haiz wanted to watch that show.

Organiser is working for me but abit heavy to bring about everyday.

Expect it out of myself.

Boarding not bad, last wk everynite managed to get together and talk:)
Really very long nvr liddat le, with pearlyn yuen hui ning nush wyu trisha hui lin carissa
Almost forgotten how retarded yuen and i can get when we're together aha. Carissa's a really smoothing presence. And hui lin lost her voice last wk. But still managed to make alot of noise. And bully Carissa.

Wants to go maldives cip nxt yr leh.

And have to read up on zhou yu now.
I need distractions.

Wa so gross. Haiz. How leh. How how how how. aiya u happy.

infinite challenge so funny

Jiayou Wyu:)

洗衣机 so sweet.

10:06 PM